Returning To Service

Well now, it has been a while…9 months more or less since my last post, a lot has been happening in life that had somewhat got in the way of things and brewing in general, however, with The Homebrew Festival looming it is time to pick up the slack.

The new equipment is working well but is still undergoing some tweaking and simplification as changes in work have necessitated reducing the set up and cleaning down times of each brew day, I got the chance to play with the new Chevallier Heritage Malt a couple of times and it is a truly outstanding malt to use, very rich in its sweetness it allows you to juggle around with your normal routine to create something different.

If you are looking to use the malt I would suggest a lower mash temperature of around 62/64°C and the extended mash time of 3 hours, a very slow sparge is also handy for flushing out those determined to remain sugars.

I have already brewed the Chevallier Porter for the festival and as an additional bonus I will be doing a repeat brew of Ridley’s Mild served from the wood with a little bit of luck, once I get back into the swing of things I shall post more regularly again as a general purpose brewing blog, but for now I need to tidy up, sort out and find my brewing notes!

Until next time, Cheers!


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